How Does Your Garden Grow?

A couple weekends ago we spent a lot of time working outside ‘spring cleaning’ our yard. It was almost 80 degrees that Sunday and has barely made it upwards of 45 since…it’s also rained just about everyday since.

So, I sat basking in the sun planting my little seeds in a mini-greenhouse. This is the first year I’m going all out, planting a bunch of different things and then actually transplanting them into a garden (which is yet to be built, but we won’t think about that just now.) I have a couple pallets that I plan on disassembling to create a raised garden box, but we ran into a lovely wasp’s nest while clearing the ground where I plan to put it, so that got put on hold for the time-being.


Moving on, we got permission from the landlord to pull out the small dead palm trees in our front yard. Or at least I thought they were small…until we finally got one dug up and pulled out of the ground. Check out the root bundles on these babies! The first one really wasn’t so bad, the second one however… we went through several different shovels, one of which actually snapped in half, until the Man decided go buy a brand new one which made a world of difference. 5 minutes later it was out.


Palm Tree Root Bundle

Crazy root bundle! Have you seen anything like this?!

IMG_3231 (1)

Landscape Redo

We purchased some inexpensive, hardy plants since we didn’t want them dying again. We also removed some thick decorative grass from one side of the front flower bed, for the life of me I can’t figure out why it was there to begin with and it looks so much better without it! Don’t you agree? We still have to put some mulch down but overall the general effect is much better.

Landscape Overhaul Porch

Please ignore my pathetic, dead hanging basket, it will be bright and beautiful as soon as the weather stays warm…and I get around to it.

My little plants are coming along quite nicely! I think I am going to have cucumbers and cantaloupes coming out of my ears though… It seems that my peppers are not doing so hot considering they haven’t sprouted yet. I’m thinking about getting some new seeds and trying again. I dried the seeds I planted from an actual pepper. However, the carrots, beans, and broccoli have no excuse..hopefully they will sprout soon!

Seedlings Planted Growing

From left to right, cucumbers, cantaloupe, beans, broccoli, watermelon, onions, carrots, sweet peppers, green peppers, pimientos, tomatoes, and flowers.

Here’s a little update on the sign that I created and posted here. I revamped it for St. Patrick’s Day! (It’s Christmas decor just wasn’t going to cut it for Spring!)


I walked out my back door yesterday to find this, it made my day. It’s March, March and I have a flowering hibiscus on my porch. Maybe it will brighten your day a little too 😉

Hibiscus Grow Flower Bloom

Has anyone else started planting yet or anxious to do so?
That’s all I’ve got for now. Until the next adventure…have a fabulous day!



DIY Dollar Store Planters

DIY Planters Edited

This spring I did A LOT of work outside now that we have a really cute backyard. I didn’t want to put too much work into it or spend much since it’s a rental and we can’t exactly take it with us when we move again. But I definitely want to enjoy it with friends and family while we’re here.

So I started by mending the fencing that encloses our yard, there were a lot of nails and boards sticking out so I used some extra screws to put them back in their proper place! I did have a little mishap with the hammer while trying to remove the nails though. I guess I’m stronger than I thought – much stronger…

Hammer Pic
Do things like this happen to other people,
or am I just that lucky?

There was also a space in the back corner of the yard that looked like it had, at one point, been a flower bed? Well when we moved in it was the hairy armpit of the yard, so I went to town weeding the entire thing. I will say it was very therapeutic, I haven’t done a ton of gardening before (apart from mowing the lawn) so working in the sun and dirt was really peaceful. Until about 5 minutes in when I started sweating profusely in the southern Louisiana sun. Overall though, still enjoyable.

Flower Bed Before1

I really wanted to add some height to the flower bed when… lo and behold I found some wrought iron plant hangers when I was cleaning it out! Pretty awesome find in my book, especially considering I didn’t want to spend much 😉 then I just needed some pretty planters to hang on them! So, to the Dollar Tree I went to see what I could find. All I could find was these plain boring grey ones, but I figured a little spray paint would transform them into exactly what I was looking for. I bought 3 of them which cost $3. Score!


I took off the rope before I spray painted them a light aqua/sky blue color that I had left over from a previous filing cabinet overhaul. You may need to use a pair of pliers to pinch the little metal pieces together that hold the rope in, I did…after I pinched my fingers a couple times first.


I spray painted the bottoms, let them dry, flipped them over, spray painted and let them dry again. I then filled them with potting soil and one of my favorite flowers, the Gerber Daisy, in red for a fun pop of color J (You’ll notice my use of grapefruits to hold down the drop cloth I used to paint on, yes grapefruits! We have a huge grapefruit tree that is about to produce more grapefruits than we will ever be able to consume, anyone want some?)


The white trellis along the fence, I found lying next to our house and stuck it here. It brightens up the flower bed and adds great contrast but it’s not perfect because the fence and ground is so uneven in this back corner.


The overall results really were fantastic considering the lack of money I spent. There are a lot of other things I would love to take on if we owned the property, but for now I’ll take it!

Thanks for stopping by! xo