The Wait is Over!

I know you have all been impatiently waiting for a new blog post, so here I am. It’s been quite some time since my last post and I wish I had a good excuse for my little hiatus, but sadly, I do not. Instead I have about 592 little excuses that have piled up between then and now (some of which include Christmas & Mardi Gras). I do however have a peek at what I have been up to…

Before Christmas I found this worn, perfectly distressed board in our garage. We don’t currently have house numbers on our house so I saw a great opportunity to remedy that problem and start decorating for Christmas in the process! I drilled 2 holes in the top to put a hanging wire through and bought inexpensive numbers from Home Depot and nailed them to the board. I topped it off with a beautiful striped bow and beaded rope to dress up the hanging wire.

House Numbers Shabby Chic Sign

This turned out better than I imagined, I’m in love with the results!

I’ve also been keeping busy with a couple Etsy orders and handmade Christmas gifts. These blankets are honestly one of the best gifts. My blanket journey began when I made one with the New Orleans Saints for the Military man for Christmas two years ago. He would live under it if I let him. I also made several chevron letters as gifts and a larger set for an Etsy order.

Custom Marine Blanket Fleece Throw

Military blankets turn out to be some of my favorites, I think I may be a little biased 😉 Check out our Etsy site to get one or to take a look at some other options!

Chevron Letter - Welcome Sign

My cousin Emily loved her handmade Christmas gift! (These are also listed on Etsy, just click on the picture!)

Chevron PLAY!

One of my larger Etsy orders. The customer absolutely loved how they turned out. I even got to brush up on my wood burning skills! These will look adorable in a playroom, what do you think?

I’ve also started several larger projects recently (which I hinted at here) and found some great new recipes that I’m excited to share! I promise I will be posting new projects and ideas with much more regularity, join me for the adventure! Talk to you soon!





Welcome to SCL

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite a while now and here I finally am! There are many things that have made me feel very inspired and grateful lately and my mind is set to take on a whole bunch of new projects in the near future. Since I graduated college and moved to Louisiana from Upstate, NY (think Canadian border, Upstate) to be with my Military man, our house has been a hodge podge of college furniture and hand-me-downs from friends and family. Slowly but surely, I am rehabbing my way through our belongings and making our house a home (as much as it is possible to do with a rental). There is no better feeling than finding something old, worn, or shabby and giving it a flourish of personal style. We have several pieces in our home that have been labors of love after finding them in my grandparents barn or attic, that have been passed down from my great grandparents (pictures to come soon). I daydream of making a living out of these projects and ideas, & I’m determined to prove that this is not just a result of watching too much HGTV! In the meantime I’m making good use of my college degree.

The photo here is a little sneak peak of my latest project, believe it or not I have big aspirations for this in the future! Stay tuned to find out what they are…for now you can check out and see what I’ve been working on!