DIY Chevron Letter

This past weekend, I had a bridal shower to go to and needed a cute, functional, yet inexpensive gift for the bride and groom to-be. I’ve seen tons of letter wreath/swag ideas all over Pinterest, so I went to the craft store to check out my options. I came home with a large, white wooden ‘C’ (which was about $5) and a couple floral pieces. I already had lots of paint at home but if you don’t have it on hand you will want to pick some up, as well as a small foam brush (you can really use any paintbrush, but I’ve found that a foam brush works well.) And then of course, me being me, I forgot to take a picture of my materials pre-crafting, but you will get the idea from the rest of the pictures.

I started by drawing lines and equal distance apart to create the chevron pattern. Make sure you use a pencil with a good eraser for this step. I originally tried to freehand the design and it was WAY more difficult than I had planned. So I drew perpendicular lines with a ruler on the C about 2 or so inches wide and 1 inch tall. Then draw diagonal lines from one corner of each box to the opposite corner. This entire process was trial and error, initially I created a grid that was 1×1 and it was too small so I erased the middle lines which ended working out perfectly.

C Lines 1

Then I taped off the lines with masking tape because that’s what I had handy. The space to cover with tape was just wider than my tape so I had to do a double layer of tape on each edge. Make sure the edges are pressed down firmly so that the paint does not bleed under it. (If you’re me, this may happen anyway but it’s not difficult to fix.)

C Taped

Since the C was already white, the next step is to paint the space that’s left between the tape. I used a baby blue color which is the same color we painted our walls (yes, this was leftover paint for out DIY Painting Adventure!). I did one coat of paint with a foam brush and then left the tape on too long. Make sure you peel the tape off shortly after you paint so it does not peel off with the tape! Mine peeled off in 1 or 2 spots but I was able to correct it with a little extra paint.

C Painting

C After Paint2

I let the paint dry overnight (a couple nights actually since it was a busy week for us). I then used a clear coat of spray paint to seal it so it was more resistant to our lovely Louisiana heat and dampness. I hung it on a hanger outside and went to town with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover in gloss clear. Then, I let it dry overnight again. You do not have to let it dry this long, but we had a lot going on so it worked for me!

C Clearcoat Paint Can

C Clearcoat

Now it’s time to decorate! I had purchased a pale burgundy, burlap flower and some small white lacey flowers that I found in the wedding aisle. These cost me a total of about $4 (I also used a 20% off your total purchase coupon, every little bit helps!). I arranged the flowers several times before I finally hot glued it onto the C. I may have went a little overboard with the amount of glue I used, but won’t be coming off anytime soon! I then hot glued a burlap strip (I got this little pack of burlap at Michael’s for $1) to each side of the back top, I secured it again with a small white thumb tack. Didn’t it turn out amazing? It was even better than I was expecting! It turns out the bride and groom to-be absolutely loved it, and were even more excited when they found out that I had made it. Now I just need to make one for our door!

C Burlap

C Final Product Close

A little bit of handmade love and effort can go a long way!

Love the way this turned out, but not interested in making your own? Check out the contact page and contact me to place an order!



DIY Painting Adventures

This past weekend was full of little projects around the house, until Sunday when my man was off and we finally got the guts to take on a painting project. Yes, my friends, paint. I’ve been daydreaming about brightening up our dark, dreary walls with the perfect pale aqua color to match our duvet. We currently live in a rental, but the landlord agreed to split the cost of paint with us so we decided to go for it since we will *hopefully* be staying put for a while. All the furniture in our bedroom is hand-me-down from family members that I was given when I started college (I have future project plans for these too!). So I am slowly but surely making these pieces our own. But anyway, back to the project at hand (see I’m already daydreaming about my future projects, no wonder I start 5 things at once!). Paint, back to paint. We started with a really dark and dreary tan paint color when we moved in. Here is the bedroom before we began the painting process, kind of dull right?

I bought a sample of a color we picked out called ‘Lagoon Green.’ (Samples are only about $3 so you aren’t out much if you don’t like it.) I really like the sample section I did on the wall, but as it turns out the paint looks MUCH different when it’s on ALL the walls… Paint Sample
Wall Sample
I also purchased spackle and went to town on the 27 hundred holes that were in our walls. I did this the day before we started painting to give it a good head start on the drying process. We then removed all the outlet and light switch covers and taped off the window and door moldings. Then the painting began, the man did the trim while I did the roller. We used Glidden Duo Paint + Primer ironically called “Lagoon Green”. (You’ll see the irony in the final product photo.) We also ended up having to do 2 coats of paint because the dark tan on the walls did not cover well with the first coat. As you can see the final product is much more of a sky or baby blue than any kind of “Lagoon Green”. It was meant to be a very pale aqua/teal color, but Glidden failed us on this one.

After Paint

We’re still proud of the result, and the space feels much more inviting and soothing now. We made it our own, which is not always the easiest thing to do in a rental property. I still have some decorating and finishing details to do on the room so it’s a work in progress. Next on my to-do list are those hand-me-down dressers!

After Paint Collage

Do you have any tips or tricks to make a rental your own, or to breathe life into an old space?

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